Wednesday 3rd July, 2019

Balmoral presented with Grenaa Plate 

On Friday 28th June 2019, the trustees of Balmoral welcomed on board an array of very special guests, but perhaps none had to dedicate themselves to travelling as far as these two individuals.

All the way from beautiful Denmark, we were privileged to welcome on board Bjarke Levenhagen Sorensen, and Managing Director of Grenaa, Ebbe Sorensen.

Attending for the Platinum Anniversary of MV Balmoral, the pair flew in specially to mark the 70th year of Balmoral and learn more about the plans for her future. 

Unbeknown to us, the team at Grenaa wished to present the ship with a gift to commemorate this landmark achievement in the vessels life. The Balmoral was to be presented with a Grenaa Diesel plate, along with a specially handwritten card which reads as follows:

To owners, crew & volunteers of M/V Balmoral,

70 years is a long time but thanks to the dedication and hard work over the last many years by a large group of enthusiasts, this old lady will stay beautiful as ever for many years!

Grenaa Motorfabrik is very pleased and proud that we have been part of this maritime heritage preservation project when the main engines were renewed.

I still remember that that major refit was the best planned and executed engine installation job which we have seen. Thanks to Ian McMillan and his crew the vessel was operational 2 weeks after the delivery of the 2 new main engines.

I joined for a trip to Isle of Wight and was very positively surprised to see how fast this old ship was going. She shows the very best of ship design and engineering from the time when the UK was a great shipbuilding nation.

All the best wishes for the future!

Image by David Bassett
Image by David Bassett
Image by David Bassett
Image by David Bassett

Both the plate and commemorative message will be on full display to the public, with the plate likely being positioned upon the walkway as the public enter the engine room.

The MV Balmoral Fund would like the take the opportunity to warmly thank all the team at Grenaa for their warm hospitality and support over the years. Their well wishes is a testament to all of our volunteers, members, supporters and friends; both past and present.

To Balmorals future.