Welcome to Balmoral

The Balmoral is Britain’s most widely travelled excursion ship, carrying over 2 million passengers around the coastline of  Britain and Ireland.

Today she stands as one of Britain’s most prized ships, being partnered with the World famous PS Waverley until 2012. In her career she has sailed to almost every port and harbour in the United Kingdom that can take her, including right into the hearts of both Calais and Boulogne.

On June 27th 2019 the Balmoral marked 70 years since her launch in 1949. The occasion was marked by multiple celebrations, and plans were publicly launched to bring her back into active service.

Upcoming Events

Thursday 19th September, 2019

The Balmoral will be sailing into Albion Dry Dock on Thursday 19th September, 2019. She will leave her moorings at 11:30 from Mardyke Quay, and remain in dry dock for a period of four days. 

Latest Developments

Volunteers are Invited to Balmoral

PRESS RELEASE Thursday 3rd October, 2019 Volunteers Invited to Balmoral Following a most encouraging survey, in the Albion Dry Dock, last week,... Read More

Balmoral enters Albion Dry Dock to assess returning to sea.

DRY DOCKING Thursday 19th September, 2019 The Balmoral enters Albion Dry Dock 17/09/2019 The Balmoral will be sailing into Albion Dry Dock on... Read More

Balmoral presented with Anniversary gift from Grenaa

Wednesday 3rd July, 2019 Balmoral presented with Grenaa Plate  On Friday 28th June 2019, the trustees of Balmoral welcomed on board... Read More

Press Release: Celebrating over 70 years of MV Balmoral

PRESS RELEASE Monday 24th June, 2019 Platinum Anniversary Celebrations for Balmoral – This Weekend The flags will be flying, the ships siren... Read More

MV Balmoral relocates to Mardyke Wharf, Bristol

PRESS RELEASE Thursday 9th May, 2019 Balmoral is on the move Join us down at Bristol Harbourside Wednesday 15th May, 2019 to... Read More